How many times have you triggered Instagram’s security feature to hack your account simply because you have been typing your password incorrectly too often? We’ve all been practically down this road time and again, and who can blame us? Instagram is just one of many websites that we use a password for that it’s easy to forget the one you use for a particular account at any given time.

Introducing IGHacko – Your Indispensable Password Hack Tool

Instagram Hack - IGHacko “IGHacko” is created to save a helpless Instagrammer from eternal oblivion. With this powerful yet user-friendly app, you will be given more leeway to recover your seemingly lost user account without being blocked by Instagram.

Frustration and panic ensue when somebody is unable to access his account with his password. You know you’ve got an alphanumeric text right, but all of a sudden you couldn’t remember which letters you assigned an uppercase on, or which character symbol you added where.


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How does the tool work?

Three words: Brute Force Attack. You can also throw in our custom program code for good measure. Combining both elements allows an IG user to try as many login passwords as you can remember until you are able to get it right without your IP address being blocked by Instagram. But it doesn’t ends here.

The program has a VPN server of its own that creates different IP addresses that do not require a separate downloading process. Instead, whenever you encode a succeeding password attempt, it runs on an automatically generated IP address that varies each time. As such, you do not alert Instagram security system with your trial and error strategy at entering your account.

With the IGHacko app, no more risk and hassle of being locked out of your “Gram” account, which otherwise can last up to 24 hours or more. Simply download it, run it, enter required information (Username & privacy protection options), click the button to begin, and you’ll get your login password in few minutes only!.

IGHacko application is supported for next operating systems:
– Android, IOS, Windows and Mac OS X.

More in detail about every of OS is explained at software’s download page.

Keep This in Mind

Not all passwords will be possible to crack with this tool, but most will. Especially accounts of usual, common people.
Why? Because most people use simple passwords made of letters only. These are easily breakable for brute-force type of cracking attacks, which IGHacko program operates with.
But some internet users are “computer security educated” enough so they know their accounts are vulnerable to hacking attempts if they don’t secure it with strong, complex password. And depending of how their password strong is, IGHacko cracking time can take up very long to break these passwords. If it’s too strong, it may take up few months / years of running the program to successfully break in. And no any user will let their PC or smartphone running that long.

However, only like 5% of people use passwords strong like these for their social networks accounts. So if your target is Instagram profile of girl from your neighborhood, you’ll probably hack it successfully.

Other accounts which are impossible to hack with with this tool are “verified” ones with a blue badge next to their username IG Blue Badge These types of accounts which celebrities have a highly secured and bulletproof from brute-force attacks. So unfortunately you won’t be able to crack password of these ones.


IGHacko app is designed to help IG users to hack Instagram account which they OWN. As such, developers of this tool are not responsible for any use that is illegal in nature, i.e. breaking into Instagram accounts other than one’s own without prior knowledge of its actual user.